We are a JACK manufacturer.

  • Our EPONT is to provide the market and the customers with different Jack,Whatever a normal product or for the sets of equipment.
  • The markets, the applications, the customers are different but EPONT has one unique philosophy to guide the latter to success.
  • For any problems or feedback from the customers,we will reply patiently and meticulously in time.
  • For any inquiries from the customers,we will reply with the most professional and most reasonable price in time.
  • For any new products of the customers,we will communicate with customers professionally,listen to the views of customers and give useful suggestions for developing the best products.
  • For any orders from the customers,we will finish with the fastest speed and best quality.
  • We’ll take time to deal with each issue, no matter how mundane it may appear to you. We’ll always accommodate you. And you’ll find that we speak your language and understand your technical problem. That’s why we can cooperate successfully with our clients from nearly 30 countries in so many years.
  • Our company has set its strategic objective which is “Reputation based, quality first”,by taking quality as life.Based on the working-style of “Honesty and Practicality, Persevering Unremittingly,
    Teamwork Spirit, Achieving Greatness”,our company would like to sincerely invite the global prospective customers to pay a visit and have a good cooperation for a splendid future together.


  • 亿鹏使命
    可持续发展的AA TOP企业,成为该领域的领导者,通过创造最具创新性的产品,惠及全球客户!
    与客户共赢:提供高质量,完备的产品和服务以满足客户的需求。 与员工共同发展:员工是我们的财富,为员工提供良好的工作环境和发展机会。 与社会共同进步:协助建立健全的市场体系,促进经济发展,履行社会责任。
  • 亿鹏管理理念
    经营理念:我们与客户共同成长。 产品理念:质量是公司的生命,优化产品是发展之源。 服务理念:以人为本。 人才理念:激发事业辉煌的人才,吸引具有良好待遇的人才,凝聚具有优秀企业文化的人才,创造具有良好机会的人才。 成本概念:我们拒绝浪费,甚至是一分钱。
    恪守承诺:一个人不能没有信誉就站着。记住责任:以责任为荣,创造价值。 以结果为导向:为超越感到自豪,为没有结果感到羞耻。持续改进:满足客户需求并超越自己的需求。


  • 我们可以为市场和客户提供不同的起重机,无论是普通产品还是成套设备。
  • 市场,应用,客户不同,但是亿鹏具有一种独特的理念来指导合作商取得成功。
  • 如有任何问题或客户的反馈,我们将及时耐心细致地答复。
  • 如有任何客户查询,我们将及时以最专业,最合理的价格答复。
  • 对于客户的任何新产品,我们将与客户进行专业沟通,听取客户的意见,并为开发最佳产品提供有用的建议。
  • 对于客户的任何订单,我们将以最快的速度和最好的质量完成。
  • 无论您觉得它多么平凡,我们都会花点时间处理每个问题。 我们将永远容纳您。 而且您会发现我们会说您的语言并了解您的技术问题。 这就是为什么我们可以与来自30个国家/地区的客户成功合作的原因 很多年。
  • 我公司以质量为生命,确立了“信誉为本,质量第一”的战略目标。本着“诚实务实,不懈坚持,团队合作精神,成就卓越”的工作作风, 真诚邀请全球潜在客户光临,并与您携手合作,共创美好未来。